2024 We are all made of star stuff


... to the Foothill Quilters Guild, where local area quilters have been getting together since 1982 to share their love of quilting. 

The purpose of the Foothill Quilters Guild is to:

  • contribute to the growth and knowledge of quilting techniques, patterns, history and quilt-making by providing educational meetings;
  • sponsor and support quilt-making activities;
  • encourage quilt-making and collecting;
  • and promote the knowledge and appreciation of quilting.


To these ends, we have speakers at most of our meetings; offer workshops and classes in a variety of quilt-making types and techniques; sponsor activities to foster fellowship and relationships between members; and contribute a wide variety of quilts and quilt-related items to local community organizations.

We invite you to explore our website.   Enjoy!

. . . . and Happy Quilting!

"We Are All Made of Star Stuff" is our lovely opportunity quilt for 2024.  For more informatioon about our quillt, please go to our Opportunity Quilt page.

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