2024 We are all made of star stuff

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This is our Opportunity Quilt Archive - click on a quilt to start a slide show.  They go back to 1983.

Our Opportunity Quilt for 2024

"We Are All Made of Star Stuff"


The pattern for our 2024 opportunity quilt was heavily adapted from a quilt in a Grand Rapids, Michigan public museum.  The end result was a team effort of several Foothill Quilters Guild members:  the top was designed by Peggie Wormington, Beth Allen and Kathy Sanchez, giving the old pattern a fresh new look.  It was pieced by Peggie Wormington, quilted by Beth Handy, and expertly bound by Gail Reinke.  Karla Rogers was a valuable consultant.


The quilt measures 75” x 75.”


We will sell tickets through most of 2024 and draw the winning ticket at our Bunco event on October 26, 2024.  You need not be present to win.


Please contact Patti Lease if you would like to purchase or sell some Opportunity Quilt tickets, or if you would like to sign up to help sell tickets at one of our venues.


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