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Country Store

Participants Agreement and Inventory sheets will be collected on Friday, October 8, 2021. Be sure to make a copy for yourself.  (See left-hand column to download.)

FQG accepts no responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged. Items are not covered by any insurance. Every year there are stolen, lost or unaccounted for items. This has not been a significant problem, but the possibility exists.

Important Dates and Times

Drop-off:   Friday, October 8, 2021

All sale items must be dropped off between 4pm and 5pm at the ARD Gym at 3770 Richardson Drive,  along with your signed participation form. NO EXCEPTIONS!   Submission of items for sale indicates acceptance of the guidelines.

You must check in with the inventory control person. She will verify your participation by checking the work schedule.

Please leave at least one cardboard or tote box with your name and member number clearly marked; we will use these at teardown for un-sold items.   You may leave other boxes stowed under the tables, as long as you have your name on them, but we are not responsible for them.

Please report 10 minutes before the start of your shift. Wear your name tag.

Volunteers’ Country Store Sale

Volunteers’ sale will take place on Frday after everything is on display for Saturday’s sale.  The expected start time is approximately 5:15-6:15

Pick-up:   Saturday, October 9 between the hours of 1:30pm – 2pm.

No collection or sorting of goods will take place until all shoppers have exited the building. Unsold items must be picked up between 1:30pm and 2pm. If someone else is collecting your things, please let us know when you sign in. It is your responsibility to pick up your unsold items. This is not the job of the volunteer workers! When you pick up your items please check the lost tag area for items and tags that became separated.

Name your price

At our Country Store you name the price  -- you keep 75% and the Guild takes 25% for commission. Reminder: we have done away with the half-off sale.

The all-important price tag

Use only the 2020 or 2021 price tags provided. (See left-hand column to download.)

Member numbers are located in the membership roster.

The inventory number should correspond with your inventory sheet.

The sales price includes the Guild’s 25% commission.

Securely attach the upper section of the price tag to the sale item. Secure with 2” wide packing tape, a minimum of 2 staples per item or a safety pin -- whatever it takes to keep it on! If you staple tags to fabric, though, do it in the selvage so you don’t create holes in the fabric. Price tags that can be easily removed can be easily lost! NO TAG = NO SALE!

Price tags on books or magazines go inside the front cover. If multiple magazines are grouped, put them in a clear plastic bag or tie them together securely.   Use staples for price tags.

The bottom section of the price tag gets cut off at the time of sale and is our inventory control tag.

Suggestions for a better sale

Bundle fat quarters by color or patterns

Bundle magazines and tie with string or place into a plastic bag

Mark yardage amounts on fabric, as well as the type of fabric

Enclose small items in Ziploc bags, use at least two staples to adhere tags

Make $.50 the minimum sale price

Make scrap gallon bags of fabric instead of many small sandwich size bags -- they sell!

Planning ahead

Fillable pdf files should be able to be saved. If you want to start pricing and inventorying items throughout the year, check to be sure, or you can use the regular pdf files and fill in by hand; or the Word document and save it on your computer. The Word document has been formatted as a table so you don’t have to worry about lines.

Country Store Forms

Participants Agreement
(fillable pdf)

Price tags
(pdf - print then complete)

Price tags
 (Word document)

Inventory sheets
(pdf - print then complete)

Inventory sheets (Word document formatted as a table)

We’ve been collecting, marking, and inventorying our sale items for over a year and a half and it’s time to sell!

Fall 2021 Country Store Guidelines

All participants are required to work a 2-3 hour store shift. Your items will not be accepted unless you have signed up for a shift. See schedule person during regular meetings to sign-up.

Sale items must be the property of the seller and should be in condition befitting the reputation of the Guild.


Checks for items sold will be issued after a financial statement has been prepared. Participants may pick up their check at the November Guild meeting. If not in attendance, checks will be mailed in a timely manner.

Call if you have any questions...we're looking forward to another successful year!

Gail Reinke 530-613-1975 or email gail.reinke@hotmail.com

Revised 6/28/21

Pricing your items

FQG receives a 25% commission on all items, so price accordingly.

The Guild collects sales tax.

Country Store hours:

Saturday, October 9