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Beginning in 2010, the Guild has offered a one or two scholarships to local graduating high school students who have an interest in fiber arts (including completing a project) and plan to continue their education.  (“Local” is defined as where our membership resides.)

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Scholarship Criteria:

One or more scholarship will be offered to students at the local schools (high school or college) each year, up to  $1,000.

The Chairperson is charged with notifying the local schools of the scholarship.  The committee reviews all applications received and brings recommendations to a subsequent Board meeting.  


1.  The applicant's interest is to further their education.

2.  This is a textile project-based award. Textiles include fabrics, yarn, or other fiber based materials. This fiber arts project may be a class or group project, or one done on your own. For example, projects might use quilting, sewing, weaving and/or knitting, in their construction and might be a quilt, a garment, an art project or something else that fits the criteria.

3.  Applicant will present the project to the Foothill Quilters Guild at a regular meeting.

4.  Included in application:

 If you know of a young person who fits these criteria, make sure they know about our scholarship. Consider mentoring someone yourself to get a young person involved in the delights of sewing and quilting.

For more information, please contact Pat McCandless.

Scholarship Application

 In 2015 we gave scholarships to graduating seniors Olivia Brophy and Scott Jensen.   

Olivia Brophy graduated from Western Sierra Collegiate Academy in Rocklin. The project she shared was a “quillow” - a quilted pillow that unfolds and makes a blanket and pillow combination. She made them as gifts for some of her teachers and friends.  Olivia began sewing doll clothes and learned more sewing skills with her mother. To earn a sewing badge, Olivia taught her Girl Scout troop the basics of sewing. This last year she made six quillows for her teachers, tailoring each one to fit the personality of that teacher.   

Scott Jensen graduated from Bear River High School in Grass Valley. His project was a t-shirt quilt from his sports activities. Scott said the best thing about making the quilt was spending time with his Mom. He is so busy with school, sports and a job he needed to reacquaint himself with her. He will be going to Brigham Young University in the fall. Scott began with a needle at age five while making a Christmas present for his grandmother. Later he, with the help of his sister, decorated each of his Sunday ties with buttons, ribbons and sparkles. This last year Scott, with the help of his mother, grandmother and a family friend used his old uniforms and tee shirts to make a tee-shirt quilt.  Each block was hand quilted with designs Scott fashioned to fit the shirt. Scott assured us that his quilting skills improved with each block he sewed.