Opportunity Quilt:  Shelter in Place

The winner of our 2021 Opportunity Quilt, “Deep Space,” was drawn on Saturday, April 10, 2021.  The ticket drawn belonged to a Footill Quilters Guild member, Kay Klein of Aubun CA.  You can see the drawing here.

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The quilt received a first place ribbon for Judged Quilts in the Modern Quilt category of our 2021 quilt show.

“Shelter in Place” is a visual representation of what we all went through during the Pandemic in 2020.  Our members got involved by making houses:  working from home, using their own fabrics, then mailing or dropping off blocks to the project’s coordinator and primary contributor, Jane Haworth.  Although it was originally thought we could meet in person to put the quilt together, in January we were still social distancing so Jane put the quilt top together herself.  It was quilted by Karla and John Rogers of Precision Quiltworks in Nevada City.

The quilt includes 207 houses and 18 trees and measures 76” x 93.”  It was made by Jane Haworth and 21 members of the Foothill Quilters Guild:  Marylee Drake, Peggie Wormington, Jill Hester, Laura Rucker, Annette LeFrancois, Renee Hills, Vicki Temple, Lynn Tubbe, Marina Towne, Dorothy Van Pelt, Jeanette Sproul, Kathy Brown, Shellie Fisher, Colleen Voet, Lynn McAuliffe, Karen Polli, Patti Lease, Lori Heitz, Lola Stamey, Melody Peters, and Maureen Burke.  The pattern, “Villages,” was designed by Pat Sloan and is free on the Internet.

We will sell tickets throughout the year and draw the winning ticket at our quilt show in April 2022.  You need not be present to win.

If you would like to purchase tickets for this quilt, contact Jane Haworth, our opportunity quilt marketer.

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