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Kids’ Korner

Kids' Korner is a fun place to take a break from the activities at the quilt show. Located in the church, we have plenty of tables and chairs were parents or grandparents can take a well-deserved break and hang out with their little ones as they do quilting-related activities.

Kids can color a muslin square with fabric markers that will be sewn later into a quilt that we display at next year’s quilt show, before it is donated to a local charity. They can glue fabric squares onto paper to take home, do a quilting-related word puzzle, or play a memory game where you use foam blocks to make quilt block patterns.

There is also a scavenger hunt game that you can give to children as you enter the quilt buildings at the welcome table. Kids can then find items listed on the scavenger hunt sheet as they and you look at the quilts on display. If they write down the number of the quilt where they found the item on their scavenger hunt sheet and bring it back to Kids Korner, we will give them a small prize (whether or not they finished or got them all right).

For questions, contact Victoria Beninga.