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Foothill Quilters Guild, PO Box 5653, Auburn CA 95604  

Junior Quilters

From time to time, we have junior quilters (between the ages of 10 and 18) who are sponsored by a guild member volunteer.  This varies, depending on the interest both of the youths and their parents and/or grandparents.

If you know a potential junior quilter, please contact our current coordinator, Sharon Rizzato.

In 2012 our junior quilters took on the “Dress a Girl Around the World” project and made dresses for young girls, primarily in Africa.  Dresses were made from pillowcases.  These simple dresses help the poverty stricken in many ways:  girls clad in our dresses, made by volunteers, appear to be well cared for and less likely to be targeted by predators.

In 2012 our members helped this project by making dresses at one of our Community Service meeting nights.  Altogether we made 75 dresses and provided 144 pairs of underpants that go in the pocket of each dress.