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Foothill Quilters Guild, PO Box 5653, Auburn CA 95604  

Activities:  Discovery Days

Discovery Day classes only cost $5 (unless otherwise noted) to help fund payment for the teacher. All classes are held at Bernhard Museum in the Winery room (291 Auburn Folsom Road, Auburn) from 11 am to 3:45 pm unless otherwise indicated.  You can find the class supply lists (not all classes/events require them) below.

Contact Melody Peters (916-698-2828)  for more information on any of these classes or if you can teach a class in future months.  

January 20 Paper Pieced Crane

Peggy Wormington will offer part-two of her paper piecing crane class.  Those of you who took her class this summer but didn’t complete the cranes should sign-up for this and get those wall hangings done for the quilt show!  If you want to learn her quick paper-piecing method, contact Peggy and she will get you started so you can join us in January for this second class to finish the project.

February 17 The Ins and Outs of Quilt Judging

In February, Beth Handy will be explaining how quilt judging is done and what you can do to improve your quilt in preparation for the quilt show judging.  Since Beth’s talk will not take the whole time slot, we will also have Jan Petre show us how to make a quick and easy design board, which she uses to make her beautiful pictorial quilts.  

March 3 Quilters Tote

Gail Reinke will teach us how to make a large tote bag perfect for quilters.

The Seaside Traveler by Penny Sturges from Quilt Illustrated is so much more than just a tote bag. It’s great for the beach, knitting, and quilting supplies. There are pockets lining the entire inside of the bag. Gail is in process of procuring the pattern from Quilt Illustrated. It will be available for sale when you register for the class.  

Quilters Tote supply list

Design Board supply list

May 19 “Patchwork” Shopping Tote

Jane Haworth will teach us how to use the heavy duty bags from frozen items or ground coffee bags to make a “patchwork” tote perfect for shopping trips.  Start saving those colorful packages now!  This will be a fun, practical, and easy project.