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Foothill Quilters Guild, PO Box 5653, Auburn CA 95604  

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Activities:  Discovery Days

Discovery Day classes cost only $5 (unless otherwise noted) to help fund payment for the teacher.

Classes given via Zoom:  Classes will be conducted using the Zoom web interface instead of being held in person for the time being to promote social distancing and ensure everyone’s safety.

You can find the class supply lists (not all classes/events require them) below.

Contact Janise Orcutt for more information on any of these classes or if you can teach a class in future months. If you have any ideas or requests for a specific class please let her know also.

Registration Process

The Guild has a NEW process to register and pay for a Discovery Day online class.

1. First, contact Janise Orcutt to find out about availability and to register for a class.  It is important to first know you want to attend because there is a minimum and maximum class size. If the class is full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

2. Second, your payment must be received no later than 7 days prior to the class.  Here is the new process to pay for online classes:

  1. Fill out the form, “Registration Form for Zoom Discovery Day”.  It is available on the left.
  2. You can type it in online and then print it, or print it and fill in by hand.  
  3. You may sign up for multiple classes at the same time.  Remit $5.00 for each class.
  4. Sign it.
  5. Mail the completed and signed form with your check to Foothill Quilters Guild, P.O. Box 5653, Auburn CA 95604.
  6. At this point, you will be registered and have a place in the class.

Future classess

Future classes are in the planning stage.  If you have a request or idea for a class that you’d like to teach or attend, please contact Janise.

Registration form for Zoom Discovery Day

Zooming is a great way to take a class!   

Taking a class via Zoom is a fun way to take a class, see your friends and each other’s projects.

It also means you don’t need to haul around your favorite machine, there’s no travel time, you can wear your comfy clothes and your sewing supplies are at your fingertips.

See projects from previous Discovery Day classes here!

June 12, 2021:  Impressionist Quilt

Our June 12 class will be taught by Marina Towne from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.  This quilt is made using the “confetti” quilting technique created by Noriko Endo.  Fabric is cut into small pieces using a rotary cutter and arranged to make the background. This is covered in tulle, and then trees or other objects are added on top of the tulle to finish the design.  A final layer of tulle is added before quilting with an overall design such as a stipple.

There will be two designs to choose from, different from the example quilt photo shown. The preparation for this class will include making a quilt sandwich using muslin and fabrics for cutting, in the colors of your choice. The basic shapes of the background design will be drawn on the muslin quilt sandwich, in preparation for arranging the cut fabric.   


Sign up for this class and learn a technique that can be adapted for use with many other art quilts. Have you ever wanted to have a stunning sunset as a background to a large tree or a sailboat? Well, this is a perfect technique to create that background.  

May 15, 2021:  Bitty Bag

Our May 15 class will be taught by Gail Reinke from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm via Zoom.  This cute little bag, at 8” tall and 5 ½” wide, is just large enough to hold your cell phone, a small wallet, and a few essentials. It’s designed to fit under your coat for security while traveling, over your shoulder for hands-free shopping, or you can even secure it to your belt.

There are numerous pockets on the outside and interior of the bag. The front of the bag has a zipper plus a flap pocket. The back has another smaller zippered pocket as well as two small slip pockets. The inside contains two additional pockets.

The quilted outside and contrasting interior fabric is a great opportunity for you to use one of your compatible fabric combinations in your stash.

Bitty Bag supply list

Impressionist Quilt Supply List

Our Saturday, July 17 class will be taught by Jane Haworth from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm via Zoom.  

In this class you will learn a variety of ways that neckties can be used in quilts. My preferred method is strip piecing, as in the sample. I will also show you how they can be used in a Dresden quilt block, a bowtie quilt block and dyeing on silk with the ties.

We will start be learning to strip down the ties and prep them for use in the quilts.  You can start with a few neckties at least 6 and then add to your collection at a later date. Having a larger number of ties will give you more colors to work with.

In this workshop, we will work on making the three different block styles. You can then use this information to make a quilt, bag, pillow etc of your choosing in the style that you prefer. The size of the blocks can be adjusted depending on the number of ties you have.

Informational Flyer

Silk Tie Supply List

July 17, 2021:  Using Neckties to Make Beautiful Quilts

September 11, 2021: Journal Covers

The September class will be taught by Marylee Drake. Marylee is providing the journals and will teach us how to make a journal cover with embellishments! Get inspired and use your imagination in this fun class.

October 2021: Quilt Bindings

The October class will be taught by Carol Vierra from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Do you want to learn how to sew on a binding that will earn a judge’s approval? This class will teach you how to sew a regular binding on a quilt that you can feel confident about. Carol will also teach how to sew a binding with added piping. Stay tuned for more information.

November 13, 2021: Travel Bag Double Hitter

The November class will be taught by Gail Reinke from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Planning is in progress. Stay tuned for more information.